Sunday, December 6, 2009

Josiah's Birth - Part 2

To continue with my thoughts from Josiah's birth...

I was told that Josiah wouldn't have fit through my pelvis anyway so it was good that I had my c-section. According to my dr, my pelvis was small so it just wouldn't have happened. He DID tell me that I could try a VBAC with my next delivery though which was encouraging. I learned so much from my labor and delivery experience with Josiah. I don't fault anyone involved for things turning out the way that they did. I have learned from the experience and I want to use it to encourage other women. Looking back, I feel that a bad decision on my part led to a series of medical interventions which, in the end, led to my Cesarean. My impatience led to the decision to be induced. That decision was completely mine...and it was a wrong one. Because I was induced before my body was ready to labor, I did not progress well during labor. Seeing how long my pregnancy went on with Joseph and how long I WAS allowed to labor, I know that I most likely COULD have in fact had a vaginal delivery with Josiah if I had waited to go into labor on my own and waited for my body to labor.

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