Sunday, December 6, 2009

Find Out For Yourself!

It's so important that YOU, the patient, take time to educate yourself regarding your pregnancy and childbirth. No matter what kind of birth you want to have, PLEASE do research and educate yourself. Don't depend on your doctor to tell you everything you need to know. Even the BEST doctors are human beings who are not perfect and cannot possibly think of every detail to tell you. And the detail they miss may be just the detail you needed to know! Read, read, read. Read online, talk to people, read books....PLEASE educate yourself! Had I known the Cesarean rate among women who are induced is so high, I may have thought twice before doing it. Had I known that having a Cesarean increases your chance of having problems conceiving AND losing a pregnancy, I may have asked to labor longer. In the throws of labor you are not going to be concerned with asking for a list of risks associated with certain procedures so it's best to educate yourself AHEAD of time. :) I am listing some websites and books in my sidebar that I recommend looking into.

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