Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Josiah's Birth - Part 1

Oh my sweet first son. Words cannot describe how I felt when I found out I was FINALLY pregnant. My husband and I had not been doing anything to prevent pregnancy since we were married and had officially been TRYING to get pregnant for about 7 months when we got the news that we were expecting. We actually took one dose of Clomid to get pregnant...it worked the first time! We both had our doubts about taking it, but we had paid $50 for the prescription so we went for it! :) Anyway, I knew I wanted to go natural from the get go. I can't explain it...it was just always something I desired to do. We took classes, read books, and got a doula. We were READY! I was borderline gestational diabetic during my pregnancy and had to follow the diabetic diet (YUK) which was not at all easy for me. I also had some swelling towards the end of my pregnancy...some pretty decent swelling. There were a few times that my blood pressure was elevated, but it always seemed to come down when I would lay on my left side for a while. I was never diagnosed with pre-eclampsia so it wasn't that bad, I guess. At 37 weeks I decided I had been pregnant long enough. I was swollen, tired, and impatient. I BEGGED my dear dr to induce me and he complied. He DID remind me that I had on my birth plan that I did not want to be induced, but I was IMPATIENT so I told him that was okay. Since I had been dealing with the swelling he said he could justify it on paper. So...he induced me at 38 weeks. I labored naturally for a while on pitocin which was not fun. I had a GREAT team of people helping me. My husband, mom, sister, wonderful nurse and friend, and doula were all there. About 2 hours before my c-section, my dr informed me that I was at 5- 5 1/2 and was not progressing. I was in so much pain and I thought if I could relax maybe I would progress so I asked for an epidural. Well...it didn't take! I actually went to the bathroom after having it. I had quite a bit of nubain and I was OUT.OF.IT. When my dr came back in to check me again and I hadn't progressed any furthur, he said I was going to need a c-section because I was not going to change. I had been at 5-5 1/2 for about 2 1/2 hours. I was hurting and everything I desired was out of the window....I just wanted my baby boy in my arms. I had a spinal and at 10:08pm on Good Friday my sweet Josiah entered into this world via c-section. He had low apgars and some breathing problems for a few minutes, but was a healthy baby boy. 7lbs 7oz of perfect baby boy. I remember Edward crying when he saw him. I remember feeling like I was going to pass out when I was moved from the operating table to the stretcher. I remember throwing up when I got back into the recovery room. I don't remember nursing my baby for the first time. I don't remember seeing him after he was born. I don't remember our first family photo together. I was extremely drugged and remained out of it for a while.

More thoughts to come...

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